Urban Scoundrels

Urban scoundrels comic cartoon sculptures street villains

The Golf Ball Snatcher

This bird is mindless annoying character that likes to mess with someone’s game. He is a bit of a psychopath. Price: £10

Golf ball snatcher comic cartoon sculpture comic cartoon sculpture Golf ball snatcher

Pablo Escobike

The slow and under influence, council worker that has the responsibility to draw the lines for the British cycle paths. It goes slow, random and intermitted. Pretty pointless, but Pablo is having fun and is not ready to go to a rehab yet. Price £8

comic cartoon sculpture Pablo Escobike cycle path mayhem

The Traffic Cone Terrorist

This is an urban hermit crab that likes to steel traffic cone to serve as a home and mess with traffic control to cause havoc. Price: £10

comic cartoon sculpture traffic cone terrorist comic cartoon sculpture Traffic Cone Terrorist

Vinnie 'The Drill' Molini

Vinnie 'The Drill' Molini. He is the preferred hitman for underground urban areas. He is a bit of a rough character and you won't see him using a silencer. Price: £12

comic cartoon sculpture Vinnie the drill molini mobster

The Money Moth

Flies during the night in search for pin devices that resemble his camouflage and can read peoples pin number by the pressure on different body parts. Once he has your pin number…. He realizes he doesn’t know how to use it and flies of in utter disappointment.

comic cartoon sculpture Money moth



A homeless bird that is desperately looking for a home and instead crashes into abandoned buildings.

comic cartoon sculpture squatter




These are small sculptures based on wild life adjusting to urban life. They all have their own short story. I came up with this idea when seeing wild life adjusting to urban life and imagined what adjustments other animals might get after being exposed to our crazy city life for a long time.