These are real skulls that I found mountain biking or running. This is where Dutch Delft ceramic paint style meets Day of the Dead art, sugar skulls and pop-surrealism. They can be wall based or shelf based.

Title: 'Delft Delight'. A classic skull decorated with the typical Dutch ceramic paint style. £90

Sheep skull art decorated with Dutch ceramic paint style Sheep skull art painted with Delft ceramic paint style

Title: 'Ewe Diptych'. A multi layered visual feast this sawn through ewe skull changed into a butterfly. £190

Ewe Diptych made from a ewe skull, clay and reused hinge Ewe skull sawn in two to form a butterfly

Title: 'We are Death, but we don't know it' About the destruction of nature by us and what better way to do this than using a beautiful almost detroyed Dolphin skull. £290

Dolphin skull Dolphin skull death and destruction of nature Dolphin skull destroyed

This skull is a resin cast from a skull I created a while ago, I have painted the skull in the Dutch Delft ceramic paint style and have added some skeletons to mark death of tradition and values. £40

Comic Skull in traditional Dutch Delft ceramic paint style omic Skull in traditional Dutch Delft ceramic paint style omic Skull in traditional Dutch Delft ceramic paint style

This is a, probably Swaledale breed, ewe skull and I used it to express a theme about individualism and law by using American prohibition era icons and is called: 'What drives you?' £sold

Decorated sheep skull prohibition era Decorated sheep skull Mexican sugar skull style day of the dead

Another resin cast skull. This one is called 'Transition Crushed' and is about money controlling change. £sold

Crushed transition, money controlling change skull, decorated in day of the dead style Comic book style skull for Dias the los muertos decorated skull

This is a new type of skull, entirely artificial cast from a mould and all further sculpted and painted in a unique way. Title: 'Flame'. £40

Flame decorated artificial skull with bright colours mexican sugar style Decorated cartoon like skull with bright colours

Flow: Decorated female Fallow deer skull for which I used a chaotic comic book style. £sold

Flow deer skull hert schedel sculpture art kunst colourful Decorated skull hert schedel comic book style


Shift: a more abstract use of a sheep skull by adding weird organic forms in bright colours. £80

Shift skull schedel schaap cell virusshift schedel sheep cell virusshift schaap

Sweetener: A Mexican sugar skull made out of a sheep skull and decorated with a mosaic of plastic drink bottles, Bon appetite! £50

Sweetener sugar skull mexicaanssweetener sugar skull plastic mosaic

Collateral Rubbish: A sheep skull decorated with a mosaic of plastic drink bottles. £190
sheep skull plastic mosaic
sheep skull sculpture art schaap plastic mosaiccollateral rubbish sheep skull

Scarface: I like some art works of Picasso and the art form called Cubism so I mixed those two by creating the horse of guernica and mix it with Cubism elements and some freaky style. £170
cubism swaledale skullpicasso ewe skull sculpture art kunst freak freakypicasso ewe skull

Invasive species: I like to combine the Dutch ceramic Delft paint style on unusual objects like this ram skull, but I made the paint style a bit more contemporary. £sold
Delfts blauw schedelDelft blue painted ram skull Delfts blauw sculpture artDelft blue painted ram skull sculpture art kunst freak freaky

The individual:  A punk sheep skull made out of metal and a rubber duck mohawk. £120
mohawk punk skull called the individualthe individual a punk bat mobile skull

The Mexican: Working with all those skulls.... there has te be a Mexican themed one! £50
sugar skull of rearranged bones from a lambsugar skull mexicaans gemaakt van schapen botten en geverfd met veel kleur

Indian Badger: The sculpture below is a skull of a badger changed in an Indian bird. £sold
badger skull versiert in een tribal indianen stijlbadger skull painted with tribal coloursbadger skull tribal indian style 

Title: 'Greed'. Plastic painted sheep skull. £100

Swaledale sheep skull decoratedswaledale ewe skull decorated sculpture art kunst freak freakyswaledale ewe skull decorated with liquid plastic

Title: 'Skull Delft'. This is a Ewe skull decorated with the Delft blue Dutch ceramic paint style. £sold
Delft blue skull dutch paint styleDelft blue skull dutch paint styleDelfts blauw beschilderde schapenschedel

Title: 'Eco Orange'. The perfect imperfection. £130
sheep skulllamb skull sculpture art kunst freak freakyskull schedel schaap kunst


Today’s man is no Buffolo Bill

Pounding over the till

For a five minute thrill

Can’t do the supply chain maths

No connecting the dots, no ink paths

Just pizza’s, burgers and kebabs


Ignorant fleet

Part of the cheat

Not signaling the meat

Formally grazing in peat

Unrecognizable breed

Now anonymous on display in high street

For a five minute feed


Hedgefund delivers a part

As a whole ‘thing’ it starts

Agriculture is a reverse manufacture art

Some didn’t reach the supply chain

Soft tissue left it’s frame

Complete again, but not the same