Freakinstyle characters


Inspired by the extinct Dodo (Raphus cucullatus). This bird was first discovered by the Dutch. It was a flightless bird and easy prey, so in order to give it a new life Victor made a crossover with another flightless bird: Road runner (Geococcyx californianus). With this crossover Dr. Freakinstyle has made the Dodo faster and less likely to get extinct again. It now has a slimmer body, longer legs, but still has the typical Dodo face. It's called: GoGo (Dodo x Roadrunner).

Art inspired by the Dodo sculpture is a mix of Dodo and Roadrunner painted with a lot of colour

This creation keeps popping up in my work in different forms, like a skull and regularly as a fossil.


This is quite a large sculpture that can be used as a piggybank. This is the first finished cast. Paintstyles and shape will vary between the casts. Price will be around 150 pounds depending on style.

Popsurrealistic piggybank spaarvarken fedde 5 web 1.jpg

spaarvarken fedde 2 web 1.jpg spaarvarken fedde 8 web 1.jpg spaarvarken fedde 2 web 1.jpg spaarvarken fedde 8 web 1.jpg

Hom Rottey

Consuming is not wrong, but ignorant consuming is. To highlight the flaws of consumerism, Victor Freakinstyle made a crossover between a shopping trolley, a Hot rod and a human. A sad but cool looking creature, called Hom Rottey. Size in cm: 15 x 15 x 10

Hom Rottey sculpture een kruising tussen een winkelwagen een mens en een Hot Rod Hom Rottey flames sculpture corssover between a shopping trolley a face and a Hot Rod


Another crossover by the Doctor: Pongo pygmaeus x cube = Cungo
Pongo pygmaeus is the official name for the Orangutan of Borneo and being threatened with extinction. Size in cm: 22 x 10 x 15

Cungo sculpture inspired by the Orangutan Cungo Temple Roman art sculpture


Inspired by all the road kill on the country roads; a bad arse bunny that deals with the cars crossing his territory. Size in cm: 10.5 x 16.5 x 4.5

Robit brain rabbit sculpture a crossover between r2d2 and a robot Robit orange rabbit sculpture

Check out a different version made with sheep bones or a Robit fossil.


An accident in the laboratory occured and it made the Espresso machine come alive. Size in cm: 10 x 10 x 8.

Eyespresso no milk please coffee sculpture Eyespresso Delft blue coffee sculpture




These are characters developed by the Doctor. They are all slightly bigger than the Urban Scoundrels. All sculptures are resin casts, but from a very small amount, usually between 3 and 10 casts, all handpainted in a different way.

Prices range from £25 to £150