Inspired by all the road kill on the country roads; a bad arse bunny.

Size in cm: 10.5 x 16.5 x 4.5. Prices range from £60 to £90.

Robit Hare: In this sculpture the legs are made out of a spine from a sheep. The teeth are also made out of bone. With its smaller front arms it takes in an urban position like that of a rappe
r. £110

This one is a bit bigger, size in cm: 14.5 x 27.5 x 15

These two Robits one has a brain pattern on its head. The whole style is that of the first one The Doctor made. The other one has the Dutch ceramics paintstyle with a more modern twist and fusing a modern warning symbol with the traditional style. Both are £60

This was the first clone of Robit. £60



Hi my name is, hi my name is


My name is Robit


I survived the Darwinian fit

The fiercest of the field

My children add up to a massive yield

I am not planning heaven

Packed two teeth with vision

Ears are useless

Just pinky fluffy cuteness

My name is robit

I am a hit


You only shake that booty a bit-y

When flattening my holie

This I’ll stop

Tic toc turn back the clock

I’ll kick your bun back to bedrock

My name is robit

The country roads will feel claustrophobic


I can spot a Golf from far

I go for a hole in one

But will settle for a par

Left and right a steel leg

These country roads will beg

I am not from the pink fluffy children books

Where I rule it spooks

I am Robit

Time to write your obit