Creative news

Most news will now come on Dr. Freakinstyle's fanpage. He has, till recently, been focussing on two big projects; the Transformer and he recently finished the Piggybank. The coming months he will probably makes some smaller works before he will finish more Piggybank casts in different styles. Contact him on Facebook for a commissioned style.

The Transformer is a sheep skull that can be transformed into a robot and back into the skull again. It has many hinges purely made out of bicycle parts. This has been the most complicated sculpture so far and took over around 500 hours to create. To see the stopmotion film of how it transforms into a robot, see this link.


Dr. Freakinstyle did Strummercamp again this year and it was great to see all the familiar faces and meet new artists and festival goers!

Strummercamp 2017 festival fair

You can find all my T-shirt designs in my shirtcity shop. If there are any problems with ordering them through Shirtcity, or other problems, don't hesitate sending me an E-mail. They cost roughly £20 without postage.

On this blog you can find more detailed descriptions about sculptures and the process Dr. Freakinstyle uses for making them.


Spongebob Squarepants Fossil