Hom Rottey
Consuming is not wrong, but ignorant consuming is. To highlight the flaws of consumerism, Victor Freakinstyle made a crossover between a shopping trolley, a Hot rod and a human. A sad but cool looking creature, called Hom Rottey.

Size in cm: 15 x 15 x 10

Price: £70

A sort of traditional Hot rod. £70

This is was the first cast and is painted like a Hot rod with flames. £70


The track suit makes you Olympic

The food makes you look big and strong

The expensive labels make you look important

The big mouth makes you look smart


You don’t move, all goes electric

Your shorts look like a thong

You’re financially incompetent

Your noise carries the information of a fart

More, more and more

Is the bang, bang and bang of the wallet war

Come on in and explore

Greed and obesity in our store

We don’t care about you, we want to score


We is you and you is we

Stuck in your piled up carbon chains, no key

Society’s self fulfilling filth for free

This is Dr. Freakinstyles sculpting plea

Can you see?


You are a pimped trolley, ain’t it folly?