Inspired by the extinct Dodo (Raphus cucullatus). This bird was first discovered by the Dutch. It was a flightless bird and easy prey, so in order to give it a new life Victor made a crossover with another flightless bird: Road runner (Geococcyx californianus). With this crossover Dr. Freakinstyle has made the Dodo faster and less likely to get extinct again. It now has a slimmer body, longer legs, but still has the stupid face of the Dodo. It's called: GoGo (Dodo x Miepmiep).

Prices range from £50 to £90

And who thought the GoGo was a new creation by Dr. Freakinstyle? Think again! The doctor found this on his mind trail; a GoGo fossil (£50) and a GoGo skull (£sold)!

gogo dodo gogo dodo gogo dodo

And who chased the GoGo? The Dutch, but I also found Wile E Coyote. £sold

Wile E Coyote Wile E Coyote

Size GoGo in cm: 10 x 10 x 15

gogo dodogogo dodo

In the pictures above you see three birds. From left to right:
- a Gogo bird painted in the style of the Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan.  £60
- a Gogo with a paint style that is inspired on wasps (colour) and butterflies (structure). £70
-  a clown version of the Gogo. £70

In the following pictures:
- a Gogo bird painted in the style of Herman Brood, a contemporary Dutch artist. 
- a bird painted in a old Dutch paint style called 'Delfts blauw' (Delfts blue). £40

gogo dodogogo dodo

This is a version which is painted in a new style. It has a blood stain on its neck as if shot through the neck which symbolises it being extinct. It has a magnifying glass on its back representing the research done on the Dodo. £sold

gogo dodogogo dodo


Its noble to explore

But not for Dodo’s on Mauritius shore

The Dodo made its last trip

Through the guts of a skipper from a Dutch ship

The Dodo became mere poo

What else could it do?

Obesity made its legs shiver

The Dodo was even slower than the one legged skipper

20+ kilo’s of tastiness

In modern times no Dodo flesh


350 years later

Roadrunner was drawn by its creator

Running around through the Grand Canyon

With it’s abusive companion

Again, a man influenced situation

This Looney combination

Wile E always loses the sprint

So bending over blue print

Falling from cliffs and wrestling a train

Wile E. coyote knows its pain


Dr. Freakinstyle turned back the clock

Through genetic modification and electric shock

Same face

But a different pace

Faster legs and a slimmer body

Made sure the Gogo isn’t just for library study

It’s fast and it’s food

Catching it will make it taste good