Fridge magnets

These are fridge magnets made from bone. Most of them are made out of sheep vertebra, but same are made out of rabbit bones. Price per magnet £3

fridge magnets bone and plastic fridge magnets bone bones sculpture Dubbel chin bone bones sculpture

use brain Vitamin OPR bone bones firdge magnet Scream scary bone fridge magnet

Bad enamel bone fridge magnet various bone fridge magnets painted in delft blue dutch paint style vitamin bone fridge magnet

Fridge magnet sculptures

Price depends on the amount of magnets, generally £3 per magnet unless made from small rabbit bones.

Dew skull Dew skull rabbit skull sculpture fridge magnet

Rabbit fridge sculpture bone bones sculpture Fridge sculpture skeleton bone bones sculpture Rabbit skeleton firdge sculpture bone bones sculpture




These are bone based fridge magnets. Most of them have a sheep vertebra as a base and are decorated with either a mosaic of plastic bottles or painted in the Dutch ceramic paint style called 'Delft blue'. They all vaguely resemble faces.

Some magnets can be combined to form a bigger shape, for example a full skeleton of a rabbit or face.