Exit wounds

See also 'Trail exit'.

Prices range from £60 to £200

Sweetener: A Mexican sugar skull made out of a sheep skull and decorated with a mosaic of plastic drink bottles, Bon appetite! £80



Collateral Rubbish: A sheep skull decorated with a mosaic of plastic drink bottles. £200
mosaiccollateral rubbish

Scarface: Picasso x Cubism and some freaky style. £170

Invasive species: Weird species are invading the rich Dutch ceramics paint style.
Delfts blauwDelfts blauwDelfts blauw

The fear: No sheep skull, just bones and an under jaw to form a human head. £70
Delft blueDelft blue

The individual:  A punk sheep skull made out of metal and a rubber duck mohawk. £120
mohawkmohawk punk

Igor Ivor: In case you wanted to know what happens with artificial body additives, like silicone breasts, when you die? Well they stick out! Igor thought he would look nice with an extra eye made from ivory, but now he is dead, it really looks ridiculous! £110

The Mexican: Working with all those skulls.... there has te be a Mexican themed one. £70
sugar skullsugar skull


Look: Look, I am a consumer! .....seems to be the main form of expression of common people in the streets these days. Brand obsession. £60
sheep skullsheep skullsheep skull

Indian fox: The sculpture below is a skull of a fox changed in an Indian bird.£70
fox skullfox skullfox skull 

Greed: In deze pictures you can see a sheep skull painted in plastic. The Doctor is always experimenting, otherwise he wouldn't have become a doctor off course! £100

sheep skullswaledale skullswaledale skull

Skull Delft: Below you see a picture of a sheep skull on which the doctor added the horns and eyes. Victor gave these added parts a frosty feel by painting them silver , creating a contrast with the blue flowers.  
It is about 20 cm long and 30 cm wide and can be put on the wall like a hunting trophy.
Delft blueDelft blueDelft blue

Eco Orange: A sheep skull sculpted and painted in a very different way again. The orange parts represent life like decaying skin. As with the little seacreatures in the assault vehicle (below), the eyes are of unequal size and put in a 90 degrees position towards each other. Something you won't find anywhere in nature, creating the perfect imperfection. £130
sheep skullsheep skullskull


Today’s man is no Buffolo Bill

Pounding over the till

For a five minute thrill

Can’t do the supply chain maths

No connecting the dots, no ink paths

Just pizza’s, burgers and kebabs


Ignorant fleet

Part of the cheat

Not signaling the meat

Formally grazing in peat

Unrecognizable breed

Now anonymous on display in high street

For a five minute feed


Hedgefund delivers a part

As a whole ‘thing’ it starts

Agriculture is a reverse manufacture art

Some didn’t reach the supply chain

Soft tissue left it’s frame

Complete again, but not the same