About Dr. Victor Freakinstyle

Dr. Victor Freakinstyle is intrigued by the contrast between urban and natural elements. Combining manmade and natural materials, he creates funny pop surrealistic sculptures. He enjoys a long process from preparation of skulls and bones to a finished approachable sculpture. It starts grim and ends well!

Follow his fanpage to see how he makes his sculptures and where he will show them. If you like what you see, but want something more specific then send him an Email to discus a commission.


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Submerged from the grey

Where only colourful sailors find their way

Moby Vic Freakinstyle

Was contemplating this for a while

Banks streak

Now comes Dr. Freak


People Hyding behind the desk

From desk till dawn, the Jekyll

The pawn, the corporate vessel


Neon Goebbels with his flashy eyes

Seems to be working for the Allies

This is even redder than green

NEW! From the corporate propaganda cuisine

You think you are so brave

Needing somebody else to shave

Only appreciation for handling money

Blind for seeing the real honey


Putting his freaky brain on shuffle

Against the billboard blitz ruffle

Discarded and ignored

When no economical reward

Plastic, metal, bones and a flint

Interesting stuff without the small print